Mood: Fiona Apple - Mistake

Lately I've
been singing this song
slowly I elevate the tone
it's climbing walls on my chest
soon I'll break the tendency
to search for my nest

And this thing on my leash
rings throughout the world
all the good things I've seek to known
all the good I meant to be teached
I'll carry them inside
I'll carry you for sure

I've been a follower with no profet
I'm seaker for a profit
no gain at all included
just this raw belief in the divine
people insist to switch and hide
Be sure I'm not deluded

So I wave my tail, happy to see
There's no place at all
for me. I just need to be.
Can't see ahead and I won't dare
As long as you don't stare
I’ll nest within you

Everything easily slips
from my fingers. So it figures
nothing around is mine to hold
there's my lesson to be learned
that's my richness to be earned
and it excites me so

it triggered so, my own free of mind
I pushed the control aside
I felt glad that's the way it works
This objective world is not
attainable as it seems
Today I think best of my dreams

This smile given to you
I’m breathing just fine, thank you.


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