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Foto: Luís Leonardo

Dir-te-ia que me sabes a outono. A Outono, seguramente.

Que partilhas da mesma natureza quente e húmida que as velhas ruelas molhadas, temperadas de ar nocturno e lenha a queimar. Andas à chuva, desde sempre. Um toque teu evoca a origem. Dir-te-ia das tuas texturas, todos esses lugares proibidos. E que adivinhas tão bem como arrepiar caminho já depois de fechados os casacos.

Diria das pontas dos teus dedos frios e dos olhos vidrados, o que me aquece qualquer lugar. Pudesse eu entregar-te as mãos aos bolsos. Dir-te ia das boas, sim. E dessa tua teima em ficares bem na minha vida. Seja Outono, Inverno... shame on you.


...as violências alheias.

You’ve been such a bad creature
To be called human still.
And after me no one ever will.
So hear me now you evil man
I’m leaving this sort of existence,
Don’t think I’ll measure the distance
I’ll never look around. Never look behind,
And I’ll walk out on you endlessly inside.
You, rotten love of mine.
No streaming doubts beyond my cheek
This crap wasn’t worth to keep
So I swallow hard this cutting loss
It’s best to leave you left to die
I’ll be bad but refined
and annoy your will to breathe
I’ll remain that itch for you to grieve.
I’m leaving tomorrow beginning today
One for each time you ran my kindness away
And whenever my mouth tastes bad and turns dry
I’ll spit you away to the one corner
no one walks by
Don’t grow in all that pride.You’re the smallest of man.
Don’t. Don’t be deceived by this tenderness
you can never be cruel the way that I can.
And I can. And I Win. And I Will.
So don’t come for the chase no more
Or I’ll hunt you down like never before
And be sure, I’ll be hungry for more and more.
I’ll rejoice within my feast, I’ll be a famished beast
And find myself in hatred peacefully at last
So I’ll leave you harsh and reckless again
One for each time God heard my dumb prayer
Of getting you back. But I’ll erase your track.
No mistakes this time. No more faith in begging
This is me demanding. Get lost. Leave first.
Cause if I get the chance
I’ll abandon you again and again and once more
with more violence than I’ve ever loved before
And I will feel whole, when I dig you a hole.
Stick you in it, hit your shit and kick it
You won’t bother me no more
And I’ll leave you behind, relieved with a smile
Die little man, die.
(primeiro post aventurado em inglês. Desculpai eventuais erros.)