Mood: A menina e o piano - Mario Laginha e Bernardo Sassetti


So please prepare twice the noise
when you expect my arrival.
Never been where you are
Wave, scream when i'm still heading far
Is it beautiful there...?
Is it worth to sit by...?
give me that one clue
that allow me to decide

whether to neglect the distance
or to acknowledge the madness
and whisper the sweet deliver
that softens your neck.
Should I insist on that shiver
Should I delay my journey
right there in your lap?

Please do, no less than scream and sing
until your body gives in
so I can believe it's true
I might get lost again so near
So If I should loose my gear
to drive my will back to you

be strong for me, and promise to
unbury the world beneath my weakness
Could you ease my rage for joy..?
would you trigger again my sweetness
would you lie back and just enjoy?

Please fight this barrier of skin
Lick away this sense of sin.
Recall I'm peaceful and strong
Spare me, be violently warm.

But if you find me passing by
and your heart don't struggle
through catch and hide
please be forever so quiet,
don't slip a sound.

I'll be disappointed not to find you around
but i'll be somewhere ahead
moaning a smile over you, not knowing.


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"Philosopher" - Mi And L'Au

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